Types of Retainers

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Clear Retainers

For most of our patients, a clear retainer is a perfect solution once they’re out of braces or at the end of their Invisalign® aligner treatment. Clear retainers are thin, transparent “trays” designed to fit directly on your teeth, so they resemble an Invisalign aligner. Not only are clear retainers inexpensive and convenient, but they’re also essentially invisible, making them a popular choice among both our teen and adult orthodontic patients. If you’re prescribed a clear retainer, don’t forget to brush it every time you take it out of your mouth and before putting it back in.

Removeable Hawley Retainers | Space City Orthodontics - Houston and Clear Lake, Texas

Removeable Hawley Retainers

This is what most people picture when someone says “retainer.”

The Hawley retainer is made from molded acrylic that we cast to match your smile. To keep teeth in place, it includes an array of metal wires protruding from it. Hawley retainers are also a common option for patients after orthodontic treatment.

Convenient, removable, and effective, your Hawley retainers will help maintain your smile when you wear them as prescribed. Just remember to brush your retainer anytime you take it out of your mouth or before putting it back in.

Bonded Retainers | Space City Orthodontics - Houston and Clear Lake, Texas

Bonded Retainers

Bonded retainers, also called fixed retainers, are usually used for patients who have a high risk of tooth regression. We make these retainers from a single metal wire that we cement directly to your teeth, and it usually runs across the back of your teeth to stay inconspicuous.

Fixed retainers are convenient and highly effective because they stay in all the time. However, it does take a little practice with a floss threader to properly perform oral hygiene. If your bonded retainer ever does start to come loose, simply contact our office to schedule a repair appointment.

Bonded retainers will always require the use of clear retainers too, as they only hold the front 4-6 teeth. Not everyone is a candidate for a bonded retainer, so count on us to help advise you of your options.

Which Retainer Do I Need?

Let us help you find out when you book a free consult.

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